Man smiles while talking on a cellphone and looking at a computer

Do you wish you could easily…
Start a conversation?
Keep talk flowing?
Add your point of view?
Politely disagree?
Get more information?
Make sure you understand what people mean?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then check out this special online workshop with Lydia Dolch from Open the Lid. Hosted by Southern Tier Connect on May 14, Lydia explained the six simple strategies for effective talk and text – regardless of your personality, strengths, or past experiences. See the archived video below.

STC Open The Lid – Effective Talk and Text from Springbrook NY on Vimeo.

About the Instructor

Lydia Dolch, M.A., Sp. Ed.
Lydia is an Empowerment Coach and founder of Open the Lid. She holds multiple New York State professional certifications in teaching. Lydia has 16 years in the field of exceptional education specializing in autism, sensory, and communication challenges, 13 years of parenting children with sensory and language challenges, and 3 years living the sensory life.

Along with free webinars, private coaching and consulting, and daily virtual classes for neurodiverse people, Lydia is an inclusive educator in the Ithaca City School District. She draws on her considerable training and experience in interpersonal relationships,trauma-informed care, special education, art education, and Applied Behavioral Analysis. Lydia has developed and taught a course on autism at the university graduate level and is regularly invited as a dynamic speaker on a wide range of topics.

Headshot of Lydia Dolch

Additional Links and Materials from the Workshop

Talking Roles PDF Reference Sheet

Open the Lid offers Web-based empowerment classes created by Lydia and often included in Self-Direction budgets as community classes.

These classes are designed to:

  • Build Friendships with Effective Communication and Accountability
  • Create Meaningful, Long Term Goals, and Achievable, Short Term Steps

Group classes run 5 days a week online for teens and adults.
Individual classes for caregivers and neurodiverse people of all ages are set up to meet individual scheduling needs.

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