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Your voice is crucial in our efforts to defend the health, services, and wellbeing of the people we support.

Budget Cut Update: Great News!

We are thrilled to report that the proposed 23% funding cut to Care Coordination Organizations/Health Homes was restored in the NYS FY 2021-22 final budget!

We are so grateful to all our members and families, our Family Advisory Board, and to the collaborating CCOs who advocated for the critical work we do to assist people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families so that they may live a quality life. Thank you.

Over the past ten weeks, all the CCOs across New York State aligned under the Care Management Alliance of New York (CMANY). Together, we rallied in one strong and consistent voice, denouncing the proposed funding cut by OPWDD that would have significantly weakened the care coordination services we provide to the I/DD community. You helped alert our assembly members, senators, and Governor Cuomo that I/DD Care Management services were in jeopardy.

You helped to educate your elected officials on the essential role of Care Managers in connecting loved ones with I/DD to preventative and specialized healthcare, behavioral health, dental and community-based services so they can live well-rounded lives. Advocates across New York State told the Governor and legislators that it would be unconscionable and devastating to dismantle the CCO/HH model of care created in 2018 to protect the State’s vulnerable I/DD population.

We could not have had this outcome without you.

To all the people who have supported us in these advocacy efforts, your efforts mean so much. You have brought great awareness to the important work of Southern Tier Connect. Thank you for your testimonials and support.

Please join us in celebrating this hard-fought victory to keep the CCO/HH model of care strong and vital for the 110,000+ individuals with I/DD in New York State! We are proud to connect our members with the supports they need and are eternally grateful for your advocacy.

New York State Outline

A Unified Effort

The seven CCOs/HHs have unified our efforts for advocacy. Please sign up for CMANY alerts on their website to stay informed of future CCO advocacy issues.

Key Talking Points

When writing your letter, be sure to:

  • Use your full name
  • Say where you live
  • Make it known if you are a voter in their district
  • Explain what you want your legislator to do 
  • Explain why this issue is important to you, giving real-world, compelling examples of how these services are vital to you or your loved one


Advocacy Tools

Find and Contact Your Elected Officials

Additional Contacts

John W. Mannion | NYS Senate
Developmental Disabilities Committee Chair

Aileen Gunther | Assemblywoman
Assembly District 100
Chair of the Assembly Committee on Mental Health

Thomas J. Abinanti | Assemblyman
Assembly District 92
Chair of the Assembly Committee on Disabilities

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A Hand holding a moderna vaccine vile

Thank you

Because of your help with our advocacy efforts, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are now included as first priority for receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. This is wonderful news and will help our efforts in keeping our community safe and healthy.

If you or your loved one is a member of Southern Tier Connect and are interested in receiving the vaccine, please contact your Care Coordination Manager. They will follow up with you as it becomes available and will help you schedule an appointment.

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