Roselyn Hathaway stands behind the front counter at her job at the Dollar General in Sidney

Roselyn has some of the best qualities you can ask for in customer service—she’s quick on her feet, is friendly and personable, and is a hard, dedicated worker. Roselyn has held several jobs in the Otsego County area, starting as a cashier at the Great American in Unadilla in 2014. She worked there for three and a half years until the supermarket closed in December of 2017. At that point, she got a new job at the Price Chopper in Oneonta.

Roselyn and her mother live in Unadilla, and Roselyn’s mother gives her rides to and from work. After a few months of working at Price Chopper, it became clear that they needed to find something closer to home with an easier commute. Roselyn spoke with her Care Manager at Southern Tier Connect, Terri McCue, to discuss job opportunities near her home, and together they worked with Roselyn’s job coach, Katherine Ritchey, a supportive employment specialist at Springbrook, to get Roselyn set up with the best job for her.

She put in applications at a few places and was hired as a cashier at the Family Dollar in Sidney. So far, she is a natural fit and is well-liked by both the customers and her fellow employees. “I like the closeness of the employees,” Roselyn said. “At the grocery stores, all the staff were spread out—people in the deli, in the bakery, in freight—everyone was in different sections. Here, everyone is closer and it’s not as overwhelming with the amounts of products.”

At Great American, Roselyn worked as a cashier and also worked freight; helping to unload products from the trucks in the back and then putting them on the shelves. At the Family Dollar she sometimes helps with restocking shelves, but mostly she is behind the counter. She takes a lot of initiative with their monthly promotions, too. Every month, Family Dollar holds a promotional contest for customers, featuring a different product. Each time a customer buys one of the products, they receive a paper cutout of the product (this month it was Coca-Cola) to put on the wall, which then counts toward a ticket in a raffle. At the end of the month, the tickets are drawn and the winner gets a $30 gift card to the store.

Although Roselyn is from Unadilla, she has family ties in Sidney. Her aunt, Nancy Hathaway, who sadly passed away this past February, owned Trackside Dining, a mom-and-pop style diner in the heart of downtown Sidney. Roselyn’s brother still works there, and they have lunch together sometimes. So Roselyn is right at home in Sidney.

Overall, Roselyn is very happy with her new job, and her boss, Deanna, is delighted to have her on board. “Everyone loves Roselyn,” she said, “she’s great.”

Roselyn Hathaway stands behind the front counter at her job at the Dollar General in Sidney