Congratulations, Kim Pearce-Schwed on your 15-year Milestone with the Springbrook family of organizations! Kim started working at Springbrook as an MSC in 2005 and then became a Care Coordination Manager at Southern Tier Connect in 2018. In her 15 years, Kim has been able to meet new people and their families and help them get the services they need to grow and achieve their goals. Kim came to Springbrook from another agency where she had worked for ten years. She was a supervisor and felt that she needed a change. After working at Springbrook for less than a week, Kim shared with us that she could “see herself retiring from Springbrook.”

Kim now considers her coworkers more like family than friends. They will share that Kim is determined and advocates for everyone. In her 15 years, she has continuously seen the organization grow, and she has “been a part of something great,” making her decision to make the change and come to Springbrook much more fulfilling and rewarding.

Kim has many moments from her Springbrook career that have stuck with her over the years, but she shares that some of the greatest moments are simply helping and watching children growing from preschool through graduation. She also enjoys advocating for families with their CSEs (Chair of Special Education at School Districts) and making positive changes for a child. Thank you for your years of service, Kim, and congratulations on this 15-year milestone accomplishment.