DDAMTake action this Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month to promote inclusion and employment equity by going #BeyondTheConversation with #DDAM2023! You can also wear your awareness by sporting the color orange on March 16th.
To go beyond the conversation means moving forward on conversations and planning and into action to create the change that we want to see in our community and in our workplace. People with developmental disabilities often face barriers when attempting to get involved in their community or in trying to access the job market and attain fulfilling employment.
At STC, our care managers work to create a more equitable place for people with developmental disabilities. We help YOU coordinate with prevocational habilitation and employment training such as building skills, a resume, and interview techniques. We coordinate services that include employment placement so that you can find a workplace that meets your skills and needs. Ask your care manager today about prevocational and employment skill building today.
To learn more about DDAM and for resources to expand your knowledge this month, visit their website!