How do OPWDD and Care Management Organizations like Southern Tier Connect determine the right mix of service and supports for people? The process is not simple, but at the heart of choosing the right, supports are assessments. In this article, we will go into detail about the differences, similarities, and uses of the two primary assessment tools used by OPWDD and CCOs—CAS and I AM.

CAS: The primary focus of CAS is to identify the functional strengths and needs of adults eligible for OPWDD services. The purpose of the CAS assessment is to identify the appropriate service level or type, based on individual needs. CAS is meant to identify acuity and predictive costs for services.

I AM: The I AM is a personalized planning tool that enables people, in partnership with CCOs, to define their programmatic goals and match those goals to the right services. The I AM properly defines a person’s needs and wants in order to effectively support them. Additionally, the I AM supports the comprehensive planning process by prompting consistent gathering of data for quality service delivery.

The Difference Between the CAS and the I AM

Take a look at the chart below to get a better understanding of the differences between CAS and the I AM. The chart will go into brief detail about the scope, integration, training, and manner of completion for both CAS and the I AM.


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