March 15, 2020

Southern Tier Connect (STC) Care Coordination Organization for the I/DD Population continues to monitor the extent and impact of the Coronavirus, COVID-19. To ensure the safety of the individuals and families we support, our workforce, provider network and communities, Southern Tier Connect will be taking the following precautions effective Monday 3/16/2020:

  • Southern Tier Connect will be suspending all in person visits to facilities, organizations and homes in order to minimize the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19. These meetings will still occur but will be conducted through video conference methods (Zoom) and/or by telephone when technology is not available.
  • Southern Tier Connect offices will be closed to our workforce and visitors. All business which can be conducted remotely will continue. The above precautions will be in place for a 2-week time period at which point a review of the current situation will be evaluated and further decisions and communications will be made.

How does this impact the STC provider networks?

  • All in-person meetings coordinated by STC will be held remotely, when possible, for at least a 2- week period starting 3/16/2020. If you have a meeting scheduled with a STC employee during this timeframe, further communication regarding your meeting will be sent out on an individual basis.
  • All Life Plan, IDT meetings and other meetings regarding individuals we support will be conducted through secure video conference or by phone for at least a 2-week period starting 3/16/2020. Care Managers will be in contact with the people they support and IDT members regarding the scheduling and coordination of these meetings.
  • All face-to-face visits with individuals, for at least a 2-week period starting 3/16/2020, will take place via video conferencing (ZOOM meeting) where possible. If participants do not have access to equipment to conduct the interaction through Teams meeting or Facetime, a conference call or phone call will be used.
  • Care Managers will not be visiting local hospitals or agencies in person for at least a 2-week period beginning 3/16/2020. However, to ensure continuity of care coordination efforts, Care Managers will remain in contact regularly via phone or email, including participating in discharge planning meetings. For those individuals residing in certified residential settings, Care Managers will make every effort to coordinate with residential staff around communication efforts with hospitals. This will ensure the provision of efficient, coordinated and quality transitional care.

We assure you that Southern Tier Connect’s workforce will remain readily available to you and your team to address the needs of the individuals we mutually support. Southern Tier will continue to work closely with NYS OPWDD and NYS DOH and will provide additional updates as necessary.

For questions or clarification for partner agencies please contact: or you may contact the Executive Director, Meghann Andrews-Whitaker here with any questions, concerns etc.