Emergency Room Entrance
A focus for NYS OPWDD, NYS Department of Health, and Southern Tier Connect (STC) is proper and comprehensive follow-up and transitional care. As such, STC staff value providing support for individuals and their families after an emergency. For members who have opted to receive this type of support from STC, we want to ensure you know what you can expect from your care manager after a trip to the Emergency Room or admission to the hospital.
Southern Tier Connect and a member’s specific care manager are alerted of hospital admission or registration to an Emergency Room by a RHIO system. A RHIO is a local hub where a region’s electronic health information is stored and shared between approved entities (Learn more about RHIOs here). Care managers are also notified of ER visits or hospitalization stays by individuals, family members, or a person’s representative.
Once notified, care managers assist members on their caseload during this emergency period by reaching out and providing support as needed. The care manager will establish contact with the member/family member/advocate or residential staff by a phone call or preferred method of contact. During this contact, your care manager can support you in any of the following ways:
  • By scheduling a tele/face-to-face visit with your care manager;
  • By providing support with ensuring you obtain any prescribed medication from your visit;
  • By assisting to schedule a follow-up appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP);
  • By providing locations of urgent care near you, telehealth sites you can log onto, or provide you with after hour numbers for clinics or PCP;
  • By providing you with educational materials on your diagnosis; and
  • By making referrals to additional providers as needed.
At Southern Tier Connect, we are proud to provide personal, quality support and member choice. We understand that not every emergency room visit may require extensive support from a care manager, so individuals and families also have the choice to decline follow-up care from STC. For questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to our Population Health Coordinator, Mitanshu Mehta at: mehtam@southerntierconnect.org